Urology Parnters of North Texas

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This is necessary to build a constructive dialogue between doctor and patient. A physician must also be a psychologist in order to find an approach to a patient, to instill in him confidence in recovery, to speak firmly, confidently and calmly with all patients. The profession of a doctor implies the following responsibilities.

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Urology Partners of North Texas

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Giving help; determination of the causes of diseases; diagnostics; treatment; rehabilitation; disease prevention; educational work among certain groups of the population; development and use of new drugs and diagnostic methods.

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As with any scientific field, there are disadvantages to the medical profession. Disadvantages appear even during the training period, in order to learn to become a doctor, you need to spend at least 6 years, work through a huge amount of information. Then to devote some more years (2 years) to master a certain specialization and acquire practice.

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Each age period of young patients is characterized by its own developmental characteristics and the occurrence of various pathological processes.

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